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Check it out! - Extended to Tuesday @ 8pm EST (8/4/2015)


The Task

Create an original Trigger Devil Logo and Banner. 


-All images must have TM trademark.
-May need multiple variations of the same image (I.E. banner with logo alone, and with website and logo).
-No satanic over/undertones. The word Devil in the brand is enough.
-Reds/oranges are favored as the primary color but not set in stone.
-All text while looking creative and great absolutely must be easily legible. If it is not, I must reject even if its beautifully designed.
-For guidelines look at other brands like KontrolFreek and JerkyXP.
-You can submit up to 3 concepts.
-Submit to

How To Win

The winner will be chosen solely at the discretion of Trigger Devils on Monday August 3rd live: Any surveys or voting will be used only for feedback purposes. Winner must be able to accepts payment over PayPal.