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About Us

Trigger Devils were invented by me, T Antonio. I am a gamer just like you! I have been playing FPS games for the past 10 years starting with Halo 1.

Over the years Call of Duty has become my passion. I've watched the community grow and change. I am so happy to be part of it and glad to be contributing something really beneficial to all you gamers!

I invented Trigger Devils in my kitchen while messing around with epoxy. I wanted a trigger stop but didn't want to take my controller apart, drill holes in it, or buy expensive modded controllers. I had no idea at the time that I was making a very early version of a Trigger Devil.

After a month of gaming I realized how well they worked when I tried playing without them. It just felt wrong. That is when I realized I had something more then just a home grown mod. I had to persue this so gamers like me could enjoy the same benefit.

Since then, I have spent countless hours developing better and better versions of Trigger Devils. I'm now finally ready to release this product to the world of gamers. I can't wait to continue improving this product as time goes on.

I am still making these in my home operation. Every Trigger Devil is finished by hand and it is a labor of love. Support from gamers like you allows me to continue to breath life into this awesome idea.

Bottom line, if you try Trigger Devils you will love them. They just work.





Twitter: @TriggerDevils

Instagram: Trigger Devils