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The history of the trigger stop

1. Do it yourself

Originally gamers started fixing this problem on their own. This destructive method included putting holes in the triggers to insert screws that would inhibit the triggers. This was the least user friendly method but it got the job done.


Playstation 4 Trigger Stop


2. Built in

Custom controllers to the rescue! Gaming companies like Scuf Gaming and Cinch Gaming arose as leaders in the custom controller market space. They offered trigger stops built in. Along with this step forward some problems also followed. These controllers were expensive! Even if you were able to afford them, frequent breaking was always a concern.

Scuf Controller


3. Elite

Finally the most sophisticated gaming controller appeared, the Xbox One Elite controller. With switches to turn the trigger stops on and off, this controller was a beefy solution to the problem. Still coming in at a high price it was not accessible to everyone and certainly no PS4 option was available. Somehow even with built in trigger stops, the trigger still felt laggy.

Xbox One Elite Controller

4. Trigger Devils

Finally the latest innovation of the trigger stop were Trigger Devils. Attachable trigger stops on current gen consoles made a universal fix that was much needed. They will become the most widely adopted trigger stop ever made.


Trigger Devil Trigger Stop

What console do you use? Check out our trigger stops...

Xbox One trigger stop

PS4 trigger stop



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