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Are Trigger Devils as simple as you think? NO. Here's why...


As the CEO of Trigger Devil trigger stops I've spent countless hours thinking about how to make trigger stops better. Recently we had a review from the heavily respected Call of Duty Youtuber Drift0r, which you can find embedded above.

Drift0r is the king of empirical information on Call of Duty. His brand embodies science and raw data detailing how many bullets each gun in the game takes to drop an enemy at every single distance possible. This detail oriented type of thought process would surely result in a complex evaluation of Trigger Devils, right? No.

On the surface Trigger Devils are a simple product. I can't tell you how many times I've heard someone call it "just a piece of plastic". I'm not offended by this at all but I do find the product to be misunderstood when I hear that. Its so much more than that. I'm inspired by this product because it is so much more.

Let me explain. Yes, Trigger Devils are the most perfectly designed ps4 trigger stop ever made. That is simple and true. But as Drift0r describes there is more to the product that he can't quite put into words. He is painfully aware when his TDs are missing. I've been working hard to answer the question "Why is that?"

The answer is three fold. The trigger stop reduces range of motion. That's number 1. Number two is not as obvious. Its the actual shape of the product creating leverage that reduces the resistance pressure of the trigger making it much easier to pull. The benefits of these two functions stack meaning you may feel the trigger stop is great however you are actually feeling the combination of these two features. This is why its so noticeable when the product is missing from your controller.

The third function is one I cannot live without. That is the Rocker Pad. Its become a default way for me to play and although not everyone uses this function, I feel it may be the most innovative part of Trigger Devils. 

So the next time you hear someone say "Its just a piece of plastic" remind them that there is a lot more than meets the eye. 

Happy gaming!

T Antonio

CEO, Trigger Devils


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