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Trigger Devils are innovating how gamers play shooters

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UPDATE: Since this article was posted Trigger Devils have become a hit gaming product. We want to thank our fans and customers for all the wonderful support! We now have a version for the PS4 controller as well. 

Xbox One trigger stop

PS4 trigger stop

By: T Antonio

December 12th, 2014

Rochester, NH - Trigger Devils has launched an innovative gaming peripheral for the Xbox One Controller. Trigger Devils stop the triggers on the gaming controller from being fully depressed, allowing the trigger to return quickly to the starting position and fire the next bullet faster. The invention simply adheres to the trigger. It’s that simple!

Trigger Devils were invented by T Antonio, a New Hampshire native. His startup is producing trigger stops for the Xbox One, with plans to add support for other console controllers in the very near future.

Stopping the trigger movement is a common need for gamers that play first person shooters. It shaves milliseconds off of the time it takes to fire the in-game weapons, but those milliseconds add up quickly. Trigger Devils has innovated the solution to this problem by removing the need to dismantle and reassemble the console controller!

The design is made so you can attach Trigger Devils directly to a factory controller with no internal modifications required.  This design allows Trigger Devils to provide inexpensive trigger stops that are easy to install and allow you to start using them immediately. Removing them is just as simple, too!

T Antonio is a life-long gamer. He created the first Trigger Devil for himself, with no plans to make it into a business. After realizing just how well the product works, T began his mission to make it something that all gamers can enjoy.

T is producing Trigger Devils as a small operation right from his home. You can purchase Trigger Devils today from the Trigger Devils website at


Trigger Devils are patent pending.



Phone: 603-285-5607



Purchase Trigger Devils here

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  • Scott on

    I love the idea of these and think they look great! The only thing that sucks is how much better the PS4 ones look compared to the Xbox one trigger devils it makes the Xbox ones look not as cool! I hope Xbox trigger devils will be getting a nice makeover like the PS4 ones because I’m really looking forward to getting some for my controller

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