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Are Trigger Devils as simple as you think? NO. Here's why...

  As the CEO of Trigger Devil trigger stops I've spent countless hours thinking about how to make trigger stops better. Recently we had a review from the heavily respected Call of Duty Youtuber Drift0r, which you can find embedded above. Drift0r is the king of empirical information on Call of Duty. His brand embodies science and raw data detailing how many bullets each gun in the game takes to drop an enemy at every single distance possible. This detail oriented type of thought process would surely result in a complex evaluation of Trigger Devils, right? No. On the surface...

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Overwatch Tips & Tricks Series: Solider 76

Competition Controller Layouts first person shooter Overwatch PS4 Tips & Tricks Trigger Stops

Trigger Devils is proud to bring to you our Overwatch Tips & Tricks Series. This series will provide you with ways to improve your Overwatch game using Trigger Devils Trigger Stops. This series goes beyond the basic benefits of shooting faster , and provide you, the gamer, the best ways to improve your scores playing Overwatch. From new and unique techniques to classic methods & skills, there is something here for everyone to learn.  Use these Tips & tricks to increase your Overwatch ranking from Bronze Rankings to Diamond Ranking to Grandmaster Ranking! In this episode, we bring you the...

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Are Trigger Stops Worth Using?

Call of Duty Competition PS4 trigger Trigger Stops xbox Xbox One

As games like Call of Duty and Overwatch increasingly become more mainstream, the competition in these games will continue to climb.  In a world where there is so much competition, players are always looking for a competitive edge over their opponents...Are Trigger Stops worth the price?  Let’s walk through the benefits you gain from using Trigger Stops and I will let you be the judge.

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JerkyXP + Trigger Devils 5X Giveaway!

JerkyXP + Trigger Devils

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Giveaway! Rare CoD XP Camo + Infinite Warfar Digital Copy!!!

Rare CoD XP Camo + Infinite Warfare Digital Copy!!! Also, don't forget to pre-order our clip on PS4 trigger stops!

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