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Make Gamers the Best They Can Be

Trigger Devils is the first developer of attachable trigger stops for Playstation 4 and Xbox One gaming controllers. With his entrepreneurial spirit, T Antonio developed the first patented attachable Trigger Stop (patent #9409088) after realizing his passion for gaming would lead to his first successful venture. Trigger Devils first and foremost cares about the gamers they serves, and the team works day in and out to make gamers the best they can possibly be.

Trigger Stops are known in the gaming world, but gamers would have to either buy an expensive modded controller or damage their existing controllers by drilling screws into their triggers. This type of modification is designed to make the trigger travel shorter, allowing the user to pull the trigger faster. By eliminating the unecessary space to fire the weapon in a First Person Shooter, Trigger Stops allow the gamer to fire their semi-automatic weapons nearly 2X faster in games like Call of Duty, Overwatch, Battlefield, and many many more.



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"After using these [Trigger Devils] and getting a good feel for them I decided I really like them and going to keep 'em. I'm going to be using them on my controller on a day to day basis for PS4, and I'm very happy with the product..."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"No matter how fast my trigger finger is, this bad boy is still going to make it faster..."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Trigger Devils have well surpassed my expectations..."
Press coverage
"T Antonio has dreamed of being an entrepreneur for years, and like many aspiring entrepreneurs, he suffered his share of false starts, including a social media company. It wasn’t until a friend pointed out his business was literally in his own hands that Antonio found a successful venture—Trigger Devils—in the basement of his Rochester home."
Trigger Devils Looks to Score
Business NH Magazine - December 21, 2016
"Antonio, of Rochester, has invented one-of-a-kind trigger stops for video game controllers, which allow game players to play first-person shooter games at a winning speed. The product has gained traction with gamers as far away as Australia, South Africa, and all over Europe, as well as Mexico, Canada and the United States."
Local inventor is granted patent for video-game controller accessory - October 02, 2016
Five finalists picked for Seacoast Start-Up Competition
New Hampshire Business Review - October 27, 2016
People's Choice Award - November 10, 2016
T Antonio
CEO / Inventor
T Antonio, CEO and President, is the inventor of Trigger Devils and visionary for the company and brand. Long time gamer, he has much experience with the pain points gamers have and has harnessed that knowledge and experience. T combines lean and iterative methods with strategy and leadership skills allowing him to shape the future of Trigger Devils. T has successfully invented, designed, and developed all Trigger Devils products with little to no resources at all. He has a BS in Sociology from University of New Hampshire and has had a 8 year career in the software industry prior to Trigger Devils.
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