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Overwatch Tips & Tricks Series: Zenyatta

Controller Layouts first person shooter Overwatch PS4 Tips & Tricks

Trigger Devils is proud to bring to you our Overwatch Tips & Tricks Series.

This series will provide you with ways to improve your Overwatch game using Trigger Devils Trigger Stops. This series goes beyond the basic benefits of shooting faster , and provide you, the gamer, the best ways to improve your scores playing Overwatch. From new and unique techniques to classic methods & skills, there is something here for everyone to learn.  Use these Tips & tricks to increase your Overwatch ranking from Bronze Rankings to Diamond Ranking to Grandmaster Ranking!

In this episode, T walks through controller layouts with Trigger Devils for the Orb throwing, meditating maniac. Zenyatta!  See how Trigger Devils makes Zenyatta a force to be reckoned.

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